The Deputy Ombudsmen

The Ombudsman is assisted in carrying out her/his duties by Deputy Ombudsmen in charge of the corresponding Departments.

Human Rights
George P. Nikolopoulos, lawyer, criminologist.

Social Protection, Health and Welfare
Yannis S. Kostis, Administrative scientist, graduate of the National School for Public Administration.

Quality of Life

Daphne Filippaki, attorney at law, specialized in "Environment and Development".

State-Citizen Relations
Evanthia Savvidi, attorney at law, specialized in administrative law and public procurement law.

Children's Rights
Theoni Koufonikolakou, attorney at law, specialized in social inclusion and family protection.

Gender Equality
Kalliopi Lykovardi, lawyer, specialized in the protection of human rights.



Former Deputy Ombudsmen (in alphabetical order):

Balla Evangelia (Quality of life), 2009-2011
Giannakourou Georgia (Quality of life), 2009-2011
Hatzi Chryssa (Quality of life), 2005-2009
Ioannou I. Christos (Social Protection, Health and Welfare), 2013-2017
Kaminis Yorgos (Human Rights), 1998-2003
Karidis Vasileios (Human Rights), 2010-2016
Kotronia Mary (State-Citizen Relations), 2011-2015
Koutsoumari Aliki (State-Citizen Relations), 1998-2003
Michail Yannis (Quality of life), 1998-2003
Mitrosyli-Asimakopoulou Maria (Social Protection, Health and Welfare), 1998-2003
Moschos Yorgos (Children's Rights), 2003-2018
Paparrigopoulou Patrina (Social Protection, Health and Welfare), 2003-2008
Sakellis Ioannis (Social Protection, Health and Welfare), 2008-2013
Spanou Calliope (State-Citizen Relations), 2003-2011
Takis Andreas (Human Rights), 2003-2009
Xatzi Chrisa (Quality of life), 2005-2009
Yannakourou Stamatina (Gender Equality), 2008-2012

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