Role & Mission

The Greek Ombudsman is an Independent Authority sanctioned by the Constitution. It has been in operation since October 1, 1998 and provides its services free of charge.

What does the Greek Ombudsman do?
The Greek Ombudsman mediates between public administration and citizens in order to help citizens in exercising their rights effectively. Additionally, the Greek Ombudsman’s mission is:

  • to safeguard and promote children's rights
  • to promote equal treatment and fight discrimination in the public sector based on race, ethnicity, religious or other conviction, disablity, age or sexual orientation
  • to monitor and promote the application of equal opportunities and equal treatmnent of men and women:
    • in matters of employment both in the public and the private sector
    • in matters of access of men and women to goods an services of the public sector


As a mediator, the Greek Ombudsman makes recommendations and proposals to the public administration. The Ombudsman does not impose sanctions or annul illegal actions by the public administration.


Who can have recourse to the Greek Ombudsman?

Complaints are submitted by anyone, regardless of nationality, who has a problem with a Greek public service, anywhere in Greece or abroad. The Greek Ombudsman's services are also available to legal entities or associations of individuals.

Before submitting a complaint to the Greek Ombudsman, the complainant should first come into contact with the public service involved with his or her case. Only if the problem is not resolved can a complaint be submitted.


On what grounds ?

When some illegal action or lack of action by the public administration has infringed a right or a legal interest of individuals or legal entities.


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