Constitution 2001

Constitution of Greece (excerpt)
6 April 2001

SECTION VI - Administration

Chapter I
Management of Administration


Article 101A

1. Wherever the Constitution envisages the establishment and operation of an independent authority, its members are appointed for a specified period of duty and are abided by personal and operational independence, as the law provides.

2. A law provides for issues pertinent to the selection and the service status of the scientific and the rest of the personnel of the public service, which is appointed in order to support the operation of each independent authority. The individuals employed in independent authorities should possess the correspondent qualities, as the law provides. Their selection is made according to the ruling of the Board of Parliament Chairmen, with unanimity if possible, or whatsoever, with the increased plebiscite of four-fifths of its members. A Parliament Regulation provides for issues regarding the selection procedure.

3. The Parliament Regulation regulates the issues regarding the relation between the Parliament and the independent authorities as well as the parliamentary control mode.

Article 103

9. A law defines the issues pertinent to the formation and the jurisdictions of the Greek Ombudsman, which functions as an independent authority.

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