Eunomia Archives

Documents, articles and studies collected in course of the project.

  • The Ombudsman and democracy - January 1999
  • Justice applied. The greek ombudsman and the
  • effectiveness of judicial protection - November 2001
  • The Ljubljana Conclusions - November 2001
  • Ways and Means to Ensure the Independence of National Human Rights Institutions - October 2002
  • Traditional Human Rights Protection Mechanisms and the Rising Role of Mediation in Southeastern Europe - November 2002
  • The Ombudsman institution in Southeastern Europe - November 2003
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  • European Ombudsman Laws and Constitutional Provisions - December 2004
  • (1.6 Mb)
  • Human rights and quality of life: the Eunomia Network of Ombudsman. - September 2005
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Greek Ombudsman's Contribution for the Promotion
of Ombudsman Institutions in Southeastern Europe

D. Christopoulos, D. Hormovitis (eds)
The Ombudsman in Southeastern Europe

This collective volume epitomizes the four-year networking experience of the Greek Ombudsman’s Eunomia project for the promotion of the Ombudsman institution in Southeastern Europe. Accordingly, its purpose is to develop into a multipurpose aiding tool for both field and academic research. The book consists of two parts plus an introduction and annex comprising all relevant to the ombudsman national legislations in the region. The first part of the book contains seven country reports in principle prepared by the respective ombudsman offices from the countries and regions in question (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, FYR of Macedonia, Bulgaria) shaping the profile and institutional self-perception of each body. The second part of the book entitled “Introspection of the Greek experience” develops issues such the relation of the Ombudsman with the judiciary, the media, compliance of the administration with its recommendations and others, reflecting the views and conclusions of senior officials of the Greek Ombudsman after the first six years of its functioning.

(Editors) "The Ombudsman in South Eastern Europe"
Book code: 21004766, ISBN: 960-15-1437-6,
year: 2005, language: ENG,
pages: 283, price: (€27.00).

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